Overview Vidalia Sweet Onions for Sale - Vidalia Valley


Planting Vidalia OnionsStanley Farms hand plants 80,000 onion plants per acre. Beginning in August each plant is germinated in seed beds and then hand transplanted to the field in November and December.


Harvesting Vidalia OnionsOnions are harvested beginning in early April through early June. The delicate nature of Vidalia Sweet Onions requires that they be harvested by hand, thoroughly dried, and treated gently during grading and packing. This is exactly what happens at our facility, and you can immediately taste the difference in the finished product.


Vidalia Onion StorageAfter being properly harvested and dried, Vidalia Onions are kept in a clean, dry location. Our large warehouse facility allows us to house thousands of pounds of our delicious onions at a time. Because of our Controlled Atmosphere storage facility, we are able to offer high quality onions year round.

In order to preserve your Vidalia Onions once you get then home, keep the onions separated in cool dry place. Some methods people have used in the past include wrapping each onion separating in paper towel and placing in the refrigerator or storing the onions in the leg of a clean pair of sheer pantyhose. Tie a knot between each Vidalia and cut above the knot when you want one. Hang in a cool, dry, well ventilated area.